Welcome to IowaBidDate.com, Iowa’s first and only comprehensive construction bid date calendar!

IowaBidDate.com is a new and exciting tool for owners and their representatives to help facilitate the bidding process. This site enables architects, engineers and construction managers to better identify potential bid dates for their respective projects and avoid the prospects of scheduling a bid letting on a “heavy bid day.”

IowaBidDate.com will provide unlimited access – at no charge – to anyone wanting to get a better idea of scheduled construction projects in Iowa’s bid market. This site allows users to view specific dates and get information on:

  1. The type of owner building on a specific date
  2. The type of project set to bid on a specific date
  3. The value of the project set to bid on a specific date
  4. The county in which the project is located

Once you have found a date that meets the needs of your project, you can also submit project information through the IowaBidDate.com site. Simply click on Submit a Project

We hope you will continue to utilize IowaBidDate.com as your main source for bid date information.